The Taking of the Veil (1863)

Name:              The Taking of the Veil
Artist:            Robert W Weir
a/k/a:             The Consecration of a Nun
Year:              1863 
Format:            Oil on canvas
Size:              49.5x39.75
Signed?            Robt. W. Weir/1863, lower left
Location:          Yale University Art Gallery (2011)
Website ID:        VEIL2
Estate #:          884a
Provenance:        Belonged to A. C. Alden ~1879 per “Artists of the Nineteenth Century and Their Works: A Handbook Containing Two...”
Auction Price:     
Auction Estimate:  
Auction Year:      
Exhibited?         Centennial Exhibition 1876
Weir Family 2011 NAD? Tuckerman? Yes Irene Weir Book? p125, p146 William Gerts? p22 Ahrens Plate/Page? 4-18 29,30,31,87,90 References: West Point Academy Death Notice. The Evening Post 19 Feb 1863
The Weir Family, 1820-1920 (Marian Wardle, 2011) p.43 Notes: Carlotta, daughter of Larenzana family. URL: Score: 6/10 Images: