Two Marys at the Sepulchre (1865)

Name:              Two Marys at the Sepulchre
Artist:            Robert W Weir
Year:              1865 
Format:            Oil on canvas
Size:              36x48
Signed?            Robt. W. Weir, 1865, lower left
Location:          Private Collection (2019)
Website ID:        TWOM1
Estate #:          
Condition:         Relined canvas with paint in fully stable condition, three major areas of repaint/strengthening including the vegetation on the steps in the shadows where an excellent restorer painted vegetation where there previously wasn't any, probably to enliven an area flattened by relining; in the Mary's dress to far right, and in the Calvary hilltop. The magnificent tree is untouched as is the remainder of the painting.
Auction Price:     $4,128
Auction Estimate:  $6,000
Auction Year:      2017
Irene Weir Book?   p115, p142, p146
William Gerts?     
Ahrens Plate/Page?  131
References:        Harpers (Irene p142), West Point Academy Death Notice. The Religious Paintings of Robert Walter Weir (Antiques Magazine, April 1973, p747)
Notes:             Framed dimensions 42x55. High auction estimate 50-70 British Pounds (>$100K high end)

Score:             4/10