Merry Wives of Windsor (1830)

Name:              Merry Wives of Windsor
Artist:            Robert W Weir
a/k/a:             Dr. Caius and Simple
Dr.Caius, Simple and Dame Quickly Year: 1830 Format: Oil on canvas Size: 21x17.25 Signed? R. W. Weir/1830, lower left Location: Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC (1976) Website ID: MERR1 Estate #: Provenance: Mr. and Mrs. George J. Arden. Smithsonian American Art Museum (and the Renwick Gallery) - Washington DC (United States - Washington, DC) Condition: Auction Price: $6,600 Auction Estimate: $12,500 Auction Year: 1991 Exhibited? NAD? 1830 Tuckerman? Irene Weir Book? William Gerts? Ahrens Plate/Page? 5-3 107 References: New York Mirror May 15, 1830 p359. Notes: Listed by RWW as 'Dr. Caius and Simple' (Irene Weir p101) URL: Score: 5/10 Images: