Embarkation of the Pilgrims, Replica (1857)

Name:              Embarkation of the Pilgrims, Replica
Artist:            Robert W Weir
Year:              1857 
Format:            Oil on canvas
Size:              53.5x36
Signed?            Robt. W. Weir/1857, lower left
Location:          Brooklyn Museum, New York 
Website ID:        EMBA2
Estate #:          898
Provenance:        Marshall O. Roberts Esq. (New York), William Randolph Hearst, Mrs. Chester F. Dunham, Sotheby Park Bernet. Brooklyn Museum, A. Augustus Healy Fund and Healy Purchase Fund B, 75.188
Auction Price:     $16,000
Auction Estimate:  
Auction Year:      1975
Exhibited?         Philadelphia Centennial exhibition (1876).
Tuckerman?         Yes
Irene Weir Book?   
William Gerts?     p17
Ahrens Plate/Page?  
References:        The American Cyclopaedia Vol 16.
Notes:             Listed as 48x71 in 1975 auction; likely framed dimensions. Woman closest on left side has dark clothes (light in original); no 'God With Us' in upper left (there is in original)

Score:             5/10