The Last Communion of Henry Clay (~1870)

Name:              The Last Communion of Henry Clay
Artist:            Robert W Weir
Year:              ~1870 (earliest: 1852 latest: )
Format:            Oil on board
Size:              35x42.75
Signed?            Attributed
Location:          Kentucky Historical Society (2019)
Website ID:        CLAY2
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Irene Weir Book?   
William Gerts?     
Ahrens Plate/Page?  
Notes:             Most noticeable is the black outfit of the priest (versus white in the others). 'This genre painting depicts an obviously ill Henry Clay wearing a red bed jacket sitting up in bed. The bed is located in front of window through which light is shining on Clay. Red velvet curtains surround the window; with one panel pulled to the side. On the window ledge can be seen a pocket watch, a vase with flowers, a bell and a book. There is a priest dressed in black garments standing next to the bed with a gold communion cup in his hand. To the left of the priest is an African-American man kneeling beside a chair. He is dressed in a brown coat and gray trousers. Behind him and the priest is a table covered with a red cloth with an additional white cloth on top of it. On the table is the priest's pitcher of communion wine and his Bible. In the background is a painting on the wall to the left of a fireplace. There is a red, green, and yellow patterned carpet on the floor. '

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